Katlyn Cotton

Katlyn Cotton is the Director of Marketing and Design at PlaceEconomics. She is responsible for social media marketing and brand management, and she is the firm’s resident graphic design guru. Katlyn also contributes to data analysis, policy research, and writing in support of the firm’s city- and statewide economic impact studies, Main Street Studies, and incentives development. One of the greatest challenges of research is dissemination–the findings of any study are only so useful as they are accessible and comprehensible. Katlyn likes to explore new ways to present and share information, be that through eye-catching design, funky infographics, or videography. Katlyn’s research interests lie at the intersection of historic preservation and social justice – she approaches preservation through the lens of equity: “But for whom are we preserving? Who benefits?” For her, data and spatial analysis are critical tools for the ethical development of cities, as they paint powerful images of the distribution of capital, community assets, and resources through space. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Program, where she focused on preservation policy and planning. In her free time, she organizes for tenants’ rights and police reform in Washington DC and the DMV area.