Katlyn Cotton

Katlyn Cotton is the Associate for Research at PlaceEconomics and the newest addition to the team. She is a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Program, where she focused on preservation policy and planning. Her interests lie at the intersection of preservation and social justice, a topic she explored through her thesis, “Stewarding an Educational Legacy: Historic Preservation at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.” Katlyn spent two summers researching the preservation of HBCU cultural heritage through internships with the National Trust for Historic Preservation. There she supported the Morgan State University National Treasure campaign, aided legal advocacy for the federal HBCU preservation grant program, and wrote a report on the state of preservation planning at all 105 of the nation’s HBCUs. She continues to support preservation planning at HBCUs as an associate for Morgan State University. For her Praxis studies, Katlyn traveled to Yangon, Myanmar in 2016 to study metrics for the contribution of cultural heritage to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and was the teaching assistant for the 2017 Summer Praxis in Galway, Ireland. She is also the co-editor of a publication showcasing the work of a joint landscape-preservation studio on the city of Pienza, Italy, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.