National Main Street Center Launches Global Initiative with Heritage Strategies International

The National Main Street Center will bring its community revitalization programming overseas for the first time thanks to a new partnership with Heritage Strategies International. Heritage Strategies International will use the National Main Street Center’s Main Street Approach™ to provide technical assistance to heritage-based economic development projects abroad.

This partnership is a response to the growing international demand for the proven, community-driven revitalization services that the National Main Street Center has offered across the US for nearly 40 years. The National Main Street Center’s programs are powered by the Main Street Approach, a time-tested framework for comprehensive community revitalization that has helped bring people and businesses back to core historic areas of cities. Communities abroad are facing similar challenges in revitalizing their historic commercial corridors, and Heritage Strategies International will fill this need by offering cities a range of technical services, including workshops, training, community assessments, and general program support.

“In the last 15 years Heritage Strategies International has worked in more than 50 countries,” said Donovan Rypkema, President of Heritage Strategies International. “In many of those places it has become clear that the Main Street Approach could be an effective preservation and economic development tool. We’re thrilled with the opportunity to bring the proven success of Main Street to countries around the world.”

With their long track record of successful preservation work abroad, Heritage Strategies International is well-positioned to bring the National Main Street Center’s work overseas. Heritage Strategies International is led by nationally-recognized economic development expert Donovan Rypkema, and this effort will build on his deep knowledge of the Main Street Approach.

“I’m thrilled to join forces with Heritage Strategies International and embark on this new chapter for our organization,” said National Main Street Center President and CEO Patrice Frey. “I can’t wait to bring our work to a new audience and see the positive change this effort will bring to historic districts around the world.”

Heritage Strategies International is a Washington DC-based consulting firm offering international services on the economic evaluation of historic resources and integrating heritage buildings into economic development strategies. They provide professional, high quality education, information, and technical assistance internationally to clients seeking to encourage the economically productive use of heritage resources. Their clients include local and national governments, international non-governmental organizations, international development banks and others. For more information, visit

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